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Monster By Mistake is a half hour computer animated TV series created by Mark Mayerson of Catapult Productions. 52 episodes have been produced to date.

The series is co-produced by Catapult with CCI Entertainment (formerly Cambium) in Toronto, Canada. The two companies partnered in Studio 345, a computer animation facility for the production of the show, which was made using Houdini software.

Monster By Mistake is about Warren, an eight year old who accidentally gets mixed up in a magic spell. Every time he sneezes, he turns into a 7 foot tall blue monster. His sister Tracy is the guardian of the magic jewel and book of spells that are the cause of Warren's problem. Together with their friend Johnny, a ghost who lives in their attic, they try to protect Warren's secret and prevent the book and jewel from falling into the wrong hands.

The show is also the subject of its own website.

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