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TV Series

    Nelly and Luis spend each day after school with Nelly's grandparents. Granny is a cook for a catering company and Grandpa is a gardner. The grandparents explain the importance of healthy eating and introduce the children to all kinds of exotic foods in this series for preschoolers.

illustration by Greg Banning
    Four teens are marooned on the planet Loki, where the seaons are 100 years long and each season has its own ecology. The friendly planet that the teens grew up on is rapidly becoming a world of predators as formerly unknown life forms awake from hibernation.
Mrs. Herkimer's Class Presents
    Have you ever watched children perform in a class play? They forget their lines, they argue and they get distracted. Mrs. Herkimer's class presents well known stories and fairy tales, but with the children's own comic twist on events. Childhood stories won't ever be the same after Mrs. Herkimer's class gets done with them.
'Bot Squad
    Three robots are invented by the military for missions too dangerous for humans. But are the robots more dangerous than their missions? The robots Mercury, Mars and Venus struggle with how they've been programmed as they attempt to fit into human society.

Animated Features

The Elves and the Shoemaker

    Three elves are sent by the Elf King to learn something from a shoemaker, but before they can figure out what they're supposed to learn, they've got to battle to save the shoemaker from a crooked scheme.
Tripp to the Stars

    What are they going to do about Harvey Tripp? They can't fire him because his father is a government big shot, but they've got to do something. Everywhere Tripp goes, disaster follows. When you're trying to keep the inhabitants of different planets on friendly terms, the last thing you need is someone who alienates aliens.

    Tripp's father asks for his resignation, but Tripp refuses. Tripp's dream has been to follow in his father's footsteps and make his father proud. Tripp begs for a final chance. Reluctantly, his father assigns him to field duty on a planet that's far away and worthless. Tripp has to get the planet to join the Consolidated Federation of Planets. If Tripp fails, the damage should be minimal. Or so everyone thinks.

TV Specials

Christmas Does Not Compute

    Two elves who have to computerize Santa's list of who's been naughty and who's been nice. But when they run the program, only one name comes up on the list of good children! The elves have to solve the mystery of what's gone wrong if Santa is going to deliver his toys.

The Elves Home Video

    A couple of novice elves at Santa's Workshop who are more interested in making a video to impress the folks back home than they are in helping prepare for Christmas. As they shoot their video, they create chaos. Can everyone recover in time for Christmas Eve?
The Land Without Books
    A vain and stupid king has decreed that all books must be burned. Ann, a girl who loves to read, saves the king's life and gets the ban lifted.

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