Photos of the Studio

Studio 345 is located on Adelaide St. in Toronto in a building that dates from 1905. Our space was totally renovated before we moved into it in June of 1998. Rick Hopkins designed the space and oversaw the construction. There are approximately 50 people working on the visuals of the show here.

Looking down the front of the modelling area.

Left to right: Animators Mark Davies and Matthew Otto in front of our render farm.

Left to right: Modellers Andy Szerszen and Pierre D'Aloisio

Left to right: Lighters Farah Yusuf and Suzanne Shortt

The modelling department. Left to right: Andy Szerszen, Mike Towse, Kelly Brennan, Tom Sacchi, Derik Kostancar, Pierre D'Aloisio, Tony Ascroft, Ruben Salazar, Greg Jowle

Director Mayerson's unit. Left to right: Ray Cicin, Vanessa Arsen, Scott Johnston, Suzanne Jandu, Barry Sanders, Mark Davies, Matthew Otto, Ian Gregory, Maged Henein and Belma Abdicevic.

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