Season 2 Photos of the Studio

The lighting crew hosts a pot luck lunch. From left to right: Maged Henein, Farah Yusuf, James Wang, Emanuel Rego, Anja Stitic, Angie Fong, Jenny Blacklock, Tom Perry, Belma Abdicevic and Avi Katz.

In the foreground, Tom Perry. Seated from left to right: Avi Katz, Belma Abdicevic, Jay Houpt (way in the background), Anja Stitic and Mandy Au.

Left to right: Animators Kelly Brennan, Matthew Otto and Dave Simmons.

Left to right: Video editor and post production supervisor Jay Haupt and lighting director Jenny Blacklock.

Left to right: Animator Ray Cicin, directors Brian Harris and Mark Mayerson, animator Nelson Costa.

Left to right: Animators Matthew Horner and James Dykeman.

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